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Roll design of bending machine should consider the problem of product surface friction
The roll design of the cold bending machine needs to design the roll according to the customer's surface requirements for the product and the requirements of the plate surface for the roll. Hot rolled plate and cold rolled plate do not have high requirements on the surface of the product, so the roll design does not require special attention. And some metal coatings that are easy to rub, such as aluminum, zinc and other metal profiles, must pay special attention to the problem of surface damage. Therefore, when designing the roll, it is necessary to consider reducing the friction damage of the roll to the adhesion layer as much as possible. The roll designer of the cold bending machine should consider the speed of the roll and the material to be the highest, minimize it, and use lubricants when necessary. Pre-painted materials generally do not have any special requirements, but it is also necessary to consider reducing the speed difference between the roller and the material surface as much as possible to reduce the damage to the plate. If the profile manufacturer is producing galvanized steel strip profile and pre-painted steel strip profile, it is recommended not to use the same set of equipment for production, because the zinc attached to the roller will scratch the pre-painted surface. Or when producing these two profiles, when producing the next material, the rolls of the cold bending machine must be cleaned first.
When producing different profiles, there are also requirements for the material of the rolls. For example, when producing oxidized hot-rolled steel, rolls made of D2 tool steel must be used for forming. In extreme production situations, when cold-formed hot rolled steel with oxide skin, if used for more than 50 hours, the rolls made of O1 and L6 materials may be rubbed badly or even scrapped.
Some bright materials, or other materials whose surfaces are sensitive to scratches, should not have a high pressure and a high surface speed difference when they are formed by a cold bending machine. In order to reduce surface damage, some materials, such as pre-painted materials, materials with adhesive layers, and materials with high gloss, the cold bending machine used must be designed for multiple passes.
The material surface of the embossed pattern should be considered to avoid excessive pressure when designing the roll. The molding of this material is similar to the molding of ordinary materials. When cold bending forming with sensitive surfaces, special attention should be paid to the design of each part of the entire production line, such as guide grooves, auxiliary rollers, straightening heads, cutting molds, etc., which may cause scratches on the surface of the profile, so in designing these When making parts, consider the problem of surface friction of the product.
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