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Cold bending machine cutting device
Cold bending machine cutting device
In addition to the use of pre-determined profiles, the cold bending machine production line also needs a piece of equipment to cut steel strips or finished profiles. The cutting process can be performed before the cold bending machine is formed, that is, it is first cut and then formed. Either in the middle of the molding machine, or after the molding machine. It can also be cut again after molding, such as punching and secondary bending. The equipment often used for cutting is a punch, and there are also sawing, laser, and plasma cutting methods to cut.
According to different lengths and different cutting methods, cutting will extend to many cutting methods, such as matching with the program, matching with the hole position of the workpiece, and determining which position to cut. The cutting off of the cold bending machine with high automation program requires close cooperation between the programmer and the cutting device designer, as well as the debugging master, and repeatedly modify and test, and finally come up with a feasible solution.
Cold bending machine cuts the profile cut
The design of the cutting device of the cold bending machine requires high precision, and the cut is free of burrs and the cut is smooth. This requires the designer of the cutting device to have sufficient experience to design molds with different gaps according to the different thickness of the material. In terms of material selection, die steels with different hardness can be selected according to the different cutting materials. Generally, Cr12MoV is used more, and the hardness can be reached after heat treatment. The cutting mold of the cold bending machine should always be maintained during the use process, lubricated, and pay attention to backup several sets of cutting molds. Especially when cutting harder profiles, the cutting blades are easy to wear. Therefore, in order not to affect production, be sure to back up several sets of cutting devices.
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