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We reserve the right to send order information, promotional activities and other notification services to customers through email, Facebook and whatsapp. If you do not want to accept the email, Facebook and whatsapp messages from our company, you can send a withdrawal application by email, indicating your email address and other relevant information, our companywill build after receipt of the application for refund to you.
Guarantee Period
Within12 months after receiving the machine, If any problem during this guarantee period except artificially damage, The seller need to solve it without any cost from the buyer. If the problems occured out of the guarantee, the Seller will help the buyer to solve the problem but the buyer should pay the cost.
Warranty Clause
Our company warrants each new instrument manufactured and sold to be free from defects in material, workmanship and construction, and that when used in accordance with this owner’s manual will perform to applicable specifications for a period of one year after original delivery.
If examination by Wuxi HRF Science And Technology Co,. Itd discloses that the product has been defective, then our obligation is limited to repair or replacement, at our option, of the defective unit or its components.
Wuxi HRF Science And Technology Co.Itd is not responsible for machine parts which have been subject to misuse, alteration, accident or for repairs not performed by Wuxi HRF Science And Technology Co,. Itd
The foregoing warranty constitutes Wuxi HRF Science And Technology Co. Itd. Sole liability, and is in lieu of any other warranty, of merchantibility or fitness.

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