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Cold bending molding machine factory does not use the process of shearing
As we all know, when processing the cold bending machine, we want to shear its neutral layer, but some relatives have found that many workshops do not use shear tools, so how should we deal with the neutral layer? Next, let's analyze the process of not using shear for you by our cold bending equipment factory.
In fact, the blank without shear is directly processed into strip steel of the same thickness in accordance with the opening length of the product section. It is worth noting that whether the cut blank is still no cut blank, the quality of their products is no different. The same is that they all attach great importance to the width tolerance of the strip when tying, small width tolerance of the strip will not appear as we often say sickle bend. When the blank is not cut, in order to allow the strip to be bitten by the roller, we need to cut off the irregular part of the strip before the strip is formed. Here the use of old punch to shear can be. It is important to note that the material preparation process should be coordinated with the continuous strip. As for strip steel, remember not to forget to unroll and correct it before forming.
Cold bending machine manufacturer is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, operation as one of the enterprises. The cold bending equipment of our company is produced and processed with international advanced skills. In the production of cold bending equipment, there are many places we need to pay attention to, how to cut the edge of the neutral layer is one of them. Now let's introduce how to cut the edge for you by the manufacturer of cold bending equipment.
After calculating the width of blank required for neutral layer of cold bending equipment, it is necessary to choose the width of strip. However, in many cases, we need to separate the strip into several blanks or cut the edge. Cutting edge needs to be operated on the disc shear, many manufacturers choose a pair of cutting edge of the round shear machine. But this can not satisfy the requirements of the national standard cutting edge. In order to satisfy the tolerance requirements of regular products, it is necessary to keep both ends of the blank straight. Therefore, we cold bending equipment manufacturers choose a round shear machine with two cutting edges. Therefore, our factory can cut a strip of steel into several uniform blanks, and we can also choose multiple pairs of cutting edges of the round shear machine.
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