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Causes and solutions of cold bending machine distortion
What if the cold bending machine is distorted, now with wuxi Xianghuiheng xiaobian together to have a look:
Cold bending forming machine is working, the required machining of steel by the system of gantry bracket in between the two automatic roller, a hydraulic system of the hydraulic cylinder drive dovetail groove and cold bending roller cold steel, arrived in planning the radian closed hydraulic system, a mechanical transmission system, automatic roller rolling and rely on the friction drive steel smooth slowly, Then the continuous cold bending operation is completed.
At the end of cold bending work, close the transmission system of cold bending forming equipment, and start the hydraulic system at the same time, so that the hydraulic cylinder is recovered. Place the cold formed steel on the portal bracket of the system. This kind of cold bending equipment operation, not only increases the strength of raw materials, the quality and work efficiency of supporting steel arch, but also simple operation.
Solution to the distortion of cold bending equipment:
1. Accurate accounting of neutral layer in deformation zone, accurate accounting of material used in deformation zone, and good symmetry of roller processing.
2, no deformation area as far as possible not pressure (such as the bottom of the slide rail), assembly of the upper and lower roller in each area of the gap adhere to the same.
3. Before biting the material, guide bevel should be set according to the rolling state of the front track. Before stabilizing the compression, the material will slip smoothly in the rolling.
4, roller processing accuracy is the key, thus manufacturing tools in the projector, amplification 20 times for detection.
5, the main drive side, the use of roller cone bearing, let the spindle radial runout in 0.04mm inside and outside, the spindle will not move around, ordinary ball bearing itself there is a gap, in the transmission will not axial movement.
6. The distortion of cold bending equipment in production is mainly caused by the imbalance of the force, the imbalance of the left and right forces, the twists and turns, the imbalance of the upper and lower forces, and the distortion. Solution: balanced planning force, accurate processing, convenient device adjustment.
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