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Cold bending machine principle and name origin
Cold bending machine originated in the 1950s and 1960s, mainly applied in agricultural machinery, to the 1980s, manufacturers expanded to east China, North China, northeast and other regions, but are limited to small and medium-sized L cold bending units, less variety standards, about 2000 kinds; Raw materials are plain carbon steel, all cold-formed steel output value accounts for about 1% to 1.5% of the total steel, with a large gap compared with other countries.
Foreign cold-formed steel variety standard is generally 8000-10000 kinds, raw material diversification, alloyed steel types account for 50% to 70%, cold-formed steel output value of total steel output value ratio is generally 5. Therefore, China's cold - formed steel development space is very large. Steel profession rapidly developed, and the cold bending machine degrees also greatly increase the supply of cold bending steel strengths by users know more and more, it is due to the economic cross section steel, metal can save fifteen percent to thirty percent, less, produce flexible, to the satisfaction of various requirements of users, in a personalized market conduct more show its superiority.
It is estimated that the future development direction of cold bending unit is to improve tooling and equipment, improve material characteristics, study the orientation of rolling mill shaft, improve product standards and product planning, deflection and material deformation. In short, cold bending equipment products will be more and more rich, trust with the development of industry, cold bending unit single product era will be gone forever. According to this situation, cold bending machine will also become more flexible planning, but to plan highly flexible cold bending machine will also become a problem of cold bending machine. With the development of modern science and technology, China's cold bending equipment will be more and more advanced.
In recent years, according to the investigation of this site material shows that all important parts of the national economy are directly or directly and cold bending machinery enterprises to cooperate. Constantly develop new products, new materials and so on. Other industrial occupations, such as foundry and manufacturing, do not compare. Because the threshold to create cold bending machinery manufacturers is relatively high, so the enterprise foundation can not survive just to make up the number. Lead to other professional heyday was joined. But cold bending machinery is relying on automation, semi-automation innovation, and laid its own piece of the world. At present, it should not be difficult to complete the policy of import and export cooperation of cold bending machinery products within three years. The state is now preparing the policy to support China's cold bending machinery export measures, not far from the future, will become the mainstream occupation of international trade.
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