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Uncoiling Slitting and Rewinding Production Line What are the characteristics of the uncoiling, slitting, and winding production lines, what is the purpose, what is the process of the process, and what is the process configuration? With a series of questions, we go to the following one by one to find the answer.

Purpose: This production line is used to unwind cold-rolled steel coils (general plates, stainless steel plates, color-coated plates, galvanized plates) or hot-rolled steel coils, cut them into steel strips after leveling, and then continuously slit them. The steel strips are neatly wound up, and after being rolled into strip steel coils, they are used for the next process.
   Features: data setting, continuous leveling and slitting without stopping; PLC control, digital display setting, man-machine interface operation, automatic stepless speed regulation. With high slitting precision and fast speed, it is an ideal production line for users.
Process flow: coil storage→rolling on the feeding trolley→unwinding→leader→pinch roughing and leveling→cutting head→scrap collection→looper→centering→slitting→wrap edge winding→looper→separation and tightening →Separate and rewind→discharge.
  Specifications: There are multiple series, multiple specifications and multiple configuration options between the uncoiling weight of 5-30 tons, the thickness of 0.3-12.0 mm, and the width of 800-2000mm.
   Process configuration: The process unit has a modular design, which can be configured according to user process requirements.
  The specific data will be different according to different manufacturers, and the actual parameters of the manufacturer shall prevail!
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